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Jordan Tourism Board launches it's new website

The Jordan Tourism Board is happy to announce the launch of its updated website. The new website, whose domain name remains www.VisitJordan.com, reflects JTB’s insistence on promoting more consumer-driven relationships. As such, the updated version is both more aesthetically pleasing for viewers, as well as more user-friendly. The www.VisitJordan.com website, published in 12 languages, attracts millions of visitors a year, offering comprehensive and invaluable information to its visitors. The international version of the updated website has gone live, and the rest of the languages will soon follow.

The decision to revamp the website was based on JTB's continuous efforts to maintain its position among the top leading tourism boards in web presences, as well as going along with the latest trends in technology and online user behavior. As such, we have improved the compatibility of the technology, making the site fully accessible from smart phones and tablet devices.

Updates to the site include a more striking platform, with a wider format making the page more appealing. The homepage header features a slideshow gallery, boasting pictures of a number of locations and activities in Jordan. A different set of graphics and imagery was created for the cities and experiences of Jordan to showcase their unique identities. These eye-grabbing images will serve as a means for maintaining viewers’ attention on the page, while concurrently demonstrating the stunning Jordanian landscape that our viewers seem to engage with most.

“We are very excited about the updates to the Jordan Tourism Board website. We have been working to increase our connection with both our current fan base and our potential consumers. By making the website easier to navigate, we hope visitors will engage more with the comprehensive resources on Jordan. Soon, we will also be launching other sites that will target various niche markets, such as gastronomy. By focusing these specialized interests, we hope to demonstrate how relevant Jordan is to these niches, and thus further foster tourism to Jordan.” said Dr. Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat, Managing Director of Jordan Tourism Board.

Visitors can utilize the website as a gateway to all the Jordan Tourism Board micro-sites, finding information relevant to these specialized interests under the “Inspirations” section.

Structural changes to the website toolbar make navigating the site simpler, allowing guests to readily find all the information they are looking for. The website now uses a mega-menu based navigation with content segmentation and images allowing users quick access to information located deep in the website, as well as an expanded footer that includes links to the most frequently accessed pages from major site sections and social media links. The search bar for the website is now located in an obvious location, making it easier for visitors to find what they need on our website.

The new structure and features of this website will subsequently help to promote Jordan tourism through our social media campaigns. New links at the top of the page allow visitors to not only visit our Facebook page, but also to share it with a single click. Similar measures were taken for our other social media domains, including Twitter, Google+, etc. By giving visitors an ample opportunity to share our website with their personal networks, Jordan Tourism Board will be able to expand its online reach.

Ultimately, these changes will make finding all the fun, interesting, and useful information about Jordan more accessible. This new website will more successfully demonstrate what a great touristic product Jordan is, as well as prove how simple and meaningful a trip to Jordan can be.


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